About us

I am very motivated and driven to work with my passion. I love computers, I love technology. I read about it, study it, research it, test it, play with it, use it, install it, and any other description you can think of related to technology. Since an early age I was fascinated with learining about the newest, next big thing to hit consumers. I wanted to see the power and potential each device was capable of. My inspiration for opening Lipkin Pro Techs was drawn from my family of entreprenuers. My relatives outside of US have a design business, my uncle has body shop business, and my father makes high end quality Pens. I am uniquely qualified in the IT field because it's not just enough to be knowledagable about a subject, you have to have good communication, polite, punctual, everything to make the customer feel 100% confident that you are there to make their lives easier and less complicated and frustrating. It excites me to have opportunities to fix something. This is my passion.